Thank you so much for looking into having Elyse come and share the good news at your church! It’s her joy to bring the gospel message to people and we hope that we’ll be able to work together to further spread the message of Jesus’ love everywhere!

Please carefully read this entire page 

Remember that if, for any reason, you aren’t able to fulfill Elyse’s requirements, you can still have Elyse’s teaching in your church. You may purchase her DVDs or stream sessions online. Simply follow this link and set up a conference for your women!

Also, on several occasions during the year, Elyse live streams events through Go To The Hub. You can check her schedule there, especially if you’re in a smaller venue or city.

In order to schedule a conference or retreat with Elyse you need to agree to all the following items:

  1. Jessica Thompson will make all conference arrangements by email.  After Elyse reviews your group’s request with Jessica, Jessica will be contacting you and arranging a time when Elyse can be with your group. Please note that Elyse’s Speaking Schedule does not show all of the requests that are presently being considered, so a date that seems open now and that you may want, may not actually be open.
  2. Because Elyse takes seriously the call to be in her own congregation with her husband on Sunday, she will usually only be able to be with your group on Friday and Saturday. She flies out of San Diego Int’l Airport.
  3. The host organization agrees to cover all her transportation, room and board for herself and a traveling companion. This will typically be her daughter Jessica, who will also oversee her book and resource sales.
  4. Once a date has been agreed upon, the host organization and Elyse will sign a contract and a deposit will be requested at that time.
  5. In order to make the best use of Elyse’s limited time and strength, the hosting organization should make every effort to let other area churches know about the conference. This can be done by personally contacting sister churches in your area and through the use of media: advertising in local newspapers, on local Christian radio, and on all social media platforms. Before a contract is signed, Elyse will want to see a list of the ways you plan to publicize your event. To help you in your marketing, Elyse has short promotion videos that you can use within your congregation (and elsewhere) to advertise the event for many of her books.
  6. Elyse believes that around $3,000 per weekend event is reasonable, considering that her work begins before your conference commences and will continue after it ends. If this fee is prohibitive for your organization, please let us know. Perhaps we can suggest ways for you to build that amount into your conference budget, or, in some circumstances, we are open to negotiate a lower fee. Once an agreed upon amount is reached, the entire honorarium must be received no less than 7 days prior to the conference.
  7. Elyse and Jessica need to stay in a hotel rather than in a private home. Although they don’t need separate rooms, they will need separate beds.
  8. Elyse and Jessica will need to be picked up upon arrival at the airport, preferably by a husband and wife team, and taken back to the airport at least one hour in advance of their outgoing flight. If she’s flying internationally, the airlines now require a 2 hour check in time. Please remember to build these times into your conference schedule.
  9. When they are picked up please provide water and some sort of snack or dinner (if there won’t be time to eat one before your conference begins) since they will have been flying all day.
  10. Elyse will speak on only one topic in three or four sessions. She has developed materials on all of her books from which you may choose. Other topics may be explored once your conference is scheduled.
  11. Jessica will send notes of her material to be copied for all attendees as well as PowerPoint within one month of the conference. Elyse needs one hour to present per session. If you are utilizing PowerPoint for your conference, Elyse will advance the slides herself and will need a monitor on or near the podium so that she can see the slides without having to turn around to look at a screen behind her. Unless other arrangements are made, Elyse will not be bringing a laptop with her.
  12. In order to conserve her strength, Elyse will not do any personal counseling while she is with you. Please assign a helper to her from your group to assist her in avoiding prolonged counseling conversations.
  13. Elyse prefers an over-the-ear mic and needs room temperature water (in a glass) at the podium.
  14. Jessica will sell Elyse’s her books at her conferences and will arrange this with you, outlining her expectations for the book table.
  15. If you are agreeable with all of the points above, we’d love to be with you! Please take time now to fill out the Conference Form. 

We know this seems like a lot…but the truth is that traveling and speaking is grueling and because Elyse is now a senior citizen, she’s developed these guidelines to help her continue to have strength to bring the good news to people everywhere for as long as she can. Thank you again for stopping by! Let’s work something out!

Please copy and print this checklist out so that you can keep it for future reference.

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