Thank you for your interest in scheduling a conference with Elyse. Please complete the following form and send it, along with your organization’s Statement of Faith to Your request will be considered and responded to in a timely manner. Please note that all of Elyse’s conferences are not necessarily listed on the Speaking Schedule.

If, for any reason, you aren’t able to fulfill Elyse’s requirements, you can still have Elyse’s teaching in your church. You may purchase her DVDs or stream sessions online. Simply follow this link and set up a conference for your women!

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  1. Hi Elyse– I’m not sure how to get hold of you. My husband is a pastor. My four-year-old has been having compelling dreams about Jesus. Her most recent was about hitting a “grace button” that helped people to see God’s love and glory and forget about themselves. After our initial conversation, I asked for her to tell me more and she said, “I didn’t make it up mom, just look it up.” I did, and to my chagrin, found a button for sale with the verse from Ephesians 2 “For it is by grace…” This grace button has been on my mind non-stop. I’m a writer, so of course I’m thinking about all the possibilities. But another crazy thing happened. Your book arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I forgot that I ordered it. I started reading it, and couldn’t agree more. My prayer is that by God’s grace this is how I’m parenting my kids. I wanted to look you up, to discover that you live by my parents. You go to the church where my sister use to attend Bible study. I can’t help but feel like we’re suppose to connect. You may get this kind of thing a lot. I know you’re busy. But if you feel like the Holy Spirit nudges you at all in this like He is nudging me, I’d love an opportunity to talk. In His Grace & Love, Lindsay

    1. Thanks, Lindsay. I’m so glad that the Lord is opening your heart to his grace in parenting. If you’re ever out our way, be sure to ping me and perhaps we could connect a bit. Under the Completely Sufficient Righteousness of Another, Elyse

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